Fill a Crib Challenge

It's like a six week baby shower for Hope!

Simply place a crib in your church, school, or business and fill it with baby supplies. Hope is currently in need of the following items:​​

  • diapers, sizes 4,5,6 &7

  • pull-ups

  • baby lotion and baby wash

  • diaper rash cream

  • hand made blankets and hats

  • trash bags

  • postage stamps

  • #10 envelopes

  • copy paper

  • laundry detergent

Baby Bottle Boomerang

This is literally the easiest fundraiser you will ever partake in! Just fill up a regular sized baby bottle provided by the Hope Resource Center with change, bills, or checks and bring it to the center. Yes, It's that easy!


This fundraiser is something that many churches and organizations participate in every year. The Baby Bottle Boomerang is also a great idea if your family, youth group, VBS, business, etc. is one that loves a little friendly competition! People love to see who can fill their bottle the fastest or raise the most money! Call the Hope Resource Center today if you would like more information on this fundraiser!

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